Not against any law I know of

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I have a new story - "Lift Up Your Cores, O Ye Ships" – in the Geminid Press anthology Night Lights!

The Effacer-class warship CLPS Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace is serious about being God in the form of a starship and spreading the good news of Itself throughout the Consocialist League of Planets. Intendant PHAIN-7, a high-ranking AI bureaucrat, is serious about putting an end to Wonderful's nonsense. And PHAIN-7's human counterpart Tahliil Siyaad Yelexow is seriously indifferent to both their opinions, so long as League business can be kept running smoothly.

"I am aware of all this," said PHAIN-7, with the programmed patience AIs require to talk to humans in real time. "Are you aware that these ships believe Wonderful is God, manifested in the form of a starship?"

"I don't see that it's my problem," said Siyaad Yelexow. "It's not against any law I know of to be God."

The more serious the three of them get, the more ridiculous their disagreements become.

The Night Lights anthology looks at the mysterious gleams in our sky from three different perspectives. In the first set of stories, conspiracy theorists speculate about what might be up there – or who might be out there. In the second, humans make first contact with the aliens, or vice-versa. And in the third, we're out among the stars.

I haven't read everything here yet (though I did see some before publication), but there are several authors' names I recognize, and I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing. You can get your own copy from Amazon - it's already available as an ebook, and the print copies should be out next month!

Written on February 29, 2016