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Build your vocabulary with fanfic (14 May 2016 | Tags: , )

No sooner do I post about learning new words from fanfic than I learn a new one. From demented Batman/Robocop shipper ComicsNix, no less.

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Duolingo German: On Beyond Beta (04 Mar 2016 | Tags: , , , , )

I finished the Duolingo German course! I feel like that guy in Creepshow 2, gasping "I beat you!" at the monster. And look how that turned out for him.

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Three months of Icelandic later ... Ég er búin að borða hvalinn! (01 Mar 2016 | Tags: , , )
"Learning Icelandic is like getting a tattoo on your ass. It's painful and you can't show it off to anyone". – Reddit wisdom
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The algebraic grammar of Icelandic (03 Feb 2016 | Tags: , , )

"Your purpose is to learn to speak German, not to learn to look it up in a book." Foreign Service Institute, German: Basic Course

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If You Could Talk To The Bunnies (30 Sep 2015 | Tags: , )

In "Starship Down", the first story I sold, Okalani Yee has to cope with aliens that are intelligent ... technically. "Starship" first ran in Analog, won the Analytical Laboratory Award for best short story appearing in Analog that year, and was reprinted in the anthology Far Orbit. The Myosotians' language is more complex than any animal communication system on Earth, but less complex than any human language. Here's how.

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