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Werepanthers for Charity (07 Apr 2016 | Tags: )

"The golf course needed someone to get rid of Canada Geese without violating, y'know, the Migratory Bird Act. And that requires skills that even you, Delores, have already admitted I have — getting in fights and pissing everywhere."

"Assaulting a goose hardly counts as a fight."

"It's a short fight."

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Goats in the trees (08 Mar 2016 | Tags: )

When I visited Morocco I was struck by the constant juxtaposition of old and new; men in djellabas talking on cell phones, satellite dishes atop centuries-old buildings, loudspeakers in the minarets of historic mosques. I wanted to get that contrast into a story, and wrote "The Seal of Sulaymaan", which sold to Fantasy Magazine.

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Not against any law I know of (29 Feb 2016 | Tags: )

I have a new story - "Lift Up Your Cores, O Ye Ships" – in the Geminid Press anthology Night Lights!

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Invent something new, so I can steal it (20 Jan 2016 | Tags: , )

Con artists specialize. Not in who they pretend to be – a stock-market scam can be refitted as a horse-racing scam if that's what fires the mark's greed. They specialize in their relationship with the mark while the con plays out.

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I would've gotten away with it, too (07 Oct 2015 | Tags: )

I have a story in the new Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists anthology! It's called "Meddling Kids", and if youre under the age of fifty, you're already thinking Scooby Doo.

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If You Could Talk To The Bunnies (30 Sep 2015 | Tags: , )

In "Starship Down", the first story I sold, Okalani Yee has to cope with aliens that are intelligent ... technically. "Starship" first ran in Analog, won the Analytical Laboratory Award for best short story appearing in Analog that year, and was reprinted in the anthology Far Orbit. The Myosotians' language is more complex than any animal communication system on Earth, but less complex than any human language. Here's how.

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