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Gore jewels and otter payment (09 Apr 2016 | Tags: , )

I started Snorri Sturluson's Edda expecting rip-roaring Norse mythology. And there's some of that. But mostly, it's a thirteenth-century poetry course.

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How to Read Rocks: Old Norse Runes (17 Mar 2016 | Tags: )

"Learn runes," promises the cover of Viking Language 1. I figured it was a gimmick, meant to entice people who think runes are cool-looking, hard to learn, and brimful of magical power. (I myself only believe one of those things.) The rune lessons, I assumed, would consist of a tacked-on appendix.

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Learning Old Norse: what's the plural of "axe"? (10 Mar 2016 | Tags: , , )

In the Viking sagas, writes Jesse L. Byock, there are "accusations of witchcraft, fights over beached whales, cheating, stealing, harboring of outlaws, and vengeance sought for scurrilous or erotic verse." Viking Language 1 is, hands down, the most exciting foreign language book I have ever read.

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