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Behind the Candelabra (04 Oct 2016 | Tags: , )

Every trip to Vegas I spent an afternoon wandering the Liberace Museum, listening to classical music embellished with trills and frills and boggling at the twin beds with the llama-fur throws. What kind of person does this? What kind of person wants to do this? And those lurid stories about the chauffeur having plastic surgery so Liberace could make love to his own dopplegänger ... how can you even wrap your mind around that? It's like maxing out your Decadence and Narcissism stats.

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The strengths of Suicide Squad (13 Aug 2016 | Tags: , , )

Suicide Squad might not be as good as you hoped, but it isn't as bad as you've heard.

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It Follows (16 Sep 2015 | Tags: , , )

It Follows gave me nightmares before I'd even seen it (cue a chorus of "I wasn't scared!" as if indifference indicated personal worth). The movie itself more than lived up to those nightmares. Spoilers below.

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